The Benefits of Corporate Document Destruction

While you think that a paper shredder is all you need to destroy all confidential documents in your organization, think again. While that can handle a couple of documents from time to time, you certainly want to hire a company that professionally does document destruction if you have to deal with tons of documents for disposal.

Corporate Document Destruction

Imagine emptying file cabinets that contain 10 years’ worth of sensitive company information. You may already have transferred all the data contained in those cabinets to the corporate servers so you don’t have to keep the soft copies any more. That’s one great way of freeing up valuable office space and rev up production.

But before you ask your secretary to shred thousands of those documents one a time, consider getting corporate document destruction services instead. Doing so has a lot of advantages and some of them are listed below:

1. Saves time and effort

How long do you think it would take for one person to shred a hundred of document on a given day? It will probably take several hours. That’s several hours’ worth of mindless work, when that person can do something far more productive. Don’t waste time and effort dealing with the paper shredder. There’s an entirely different company that can handle that task for you.

2. More efficient trash disposal

The trash produced by the shredded paper has to be disposed of. Unfortunately, the document fed into the shredder won’t magically disappear. There’ll be tons of trash produced and that’s something else that you have to handle after spending hours shredding documents. If you hire a corporate document destruction company, then they would worry about that part of the job so you don’t have to do it.

3. Guaranteed fast and secure destruction

With the advanced tools and equipment these service providers have, the task of destroying tons of documents won’t take twice as much as time or effort as your good old paper shredder needs. And everything is guaranteed to be safe. You don’t have to worry about the information going outside your walls because they can bring their equipment into your office if that’s the setup that you want.

4. Reliable services

If at any time you need corporate document destruction, these companies will come to your rescue. They have resources immediately available for you so you don’t have to worry when the need for their services arises. Simply call them up and schedule a pickup and they’ll come to your office to collect all the documents that you want to dispose of. Aside from paper documents, they can also handle hard drive data destruction tasks.

These are just a few of the advantages that you enjoy when you hire corporate data destruction services. Consider these benefits every time you have tons of documents that need to be disposed of but don’t want them to end up in the wrong hands. Of course, your secretary can do that job. But he or she has far more better things to do than shred paper all day long.

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Which is Better: Onsite or Offsite Document Destruction?

Sensitive data contained in certain documents should be handled with utmost security and confidentiality. This is a requirement that all data shredding businesses should comply with and it is also what their customers expect them to do. Strict security procedures should be put in place whenever a document that contains important information has to be destroyed.

Document Destruction

If you own a business that deals with customer records and other pertinent data and you need to destroy documents to prevent them from ending up in the wrong place, then you shouldn’t compromise. Deal only with data shredding companies with a proven track record in delivering safe and reliable services. You actually have to two options to go about this: onsite document destruction and offsite document destruction.

Onsite Document Destruction

Onsite document destruction is essential if the document you want to be destroyed is highly confidential that it is not supposed to ever leave the four corners of your office. If you don’t want to lose sight of these documents before and after they have been destroyed, then seek document shredding companies with equipment that they can bring to your office to handle the data destruction work in your presence.

You might not know about it, but there are laws governing data destruction in the state and federal levels. The company that you hired to handle the work should exhibit their strict compliance with these laws. It will be much better if they are bona fide members of the National Association of Information Destruction or the North American Shredding Association. That should give you peace of mind knowing that they are working with the watchdogs to ensure the protection of your rights.

Offsite Data Destruction

Offsite data destruction is preferred if you have tons of documents that you want to get rid of immediately and you can’t wait for the shredding company to bring and set up their equipment to your office. It’s faster to have somebody sent in to collect all the documents from your office and deliver them to their warehouse. However, they should give you a guarantee that the documents won’t be tampered upon during transit from your office to theirs.

Offsite data destruction is ideal if you’re dealing with not-so sensitive files. It’s also the cheaper to onsite data destruction. Another advantage is that you don’t have to worry about the trash produced after. Good examples of documents that are better off sent offsite for destruction are outdated research files, decades-old inventory archives, and inactive customer records.

Reliable Data Destruction

Document destruction has been a necessity among individuals, small businesses, and large corporations that work, deal with or are functioning as banks, insurance agencies, credit unions, accounting firms, research institutions, schools, medical clinics, and warehouses. Even government agencies have a need for this service.

If you reside in the Framingham area and you need this type of service, simply do a quick search of companies offering data shredding and qualify each of them. Don’t settle for anything less than the most reliable document destruction Framingham MA can offer. Regardless of what documents need to be destroyed, you deserve only superior data destruction services.

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People today often don’t know what paper shredding can still be a great way not to let information be stolen. They might also think that because it’s a fast-changing world already and technology has been rapidly developing, paper shredding is of no use now. It’s not. Many businesses still rely on paper or data shredder to ensure that no information can be forfeited.  PAPER SHREDDING 

Paper shredders are everywhere. Would you agree? You can find it essential to any business today. Whether you’re in the office beside your table, banks have them alongside their tellers, and in the hallway for their customers’ convenience. You can also find them at the retailers’ store next to their registers; even healthcare facilities have paper shredders. Because every day as people live the information they have in hand mostly end up in the trash bins. This for certain can result to identity theft, especially if the documents are important.  

Why Is Paper Shredding So Important To People? 

  1. It’s in the law. Any information we have in hand can be confidential, that is why keeping them secure is the law. Documents from any business establishments or any company are so important. Whether it is personal information or client’s information, shredding these documents when no longer in need is a must for them. Any company who does not comply with this law will be liable. State and federal laws require any organizations or company to properly dispose of their documents and data. 
  2. Identity Theft. Prevention can be your best protection at times. People don’t normally realize that some documents put at a trash bin end up in people’s hand. That’s why rather than dealing with identity theft, developing preventive approaches can have a great impact in the long run. Everyone should be knowledgeable by carefully monitoring what information they are throwing. They don’t want any consequences to happen because it may cost them money, time and even cause them embarrassment. With this, people can have a piece of mind.  
  3. Paper Shredding can save your business data confidential and secure. Documents and data gathering is so vital in any business. Whether it is taking notes while having a meeting, details from any of those situations can determine the tasks they are doing. But can you imagine if these business details leak out outside their borders? Plans, development, financial status could these details and can turn into a great mess if not taken securely. Shredding documents can provide companies and organizations tranquility.  
  4. Paper Shredding can save you storage space. Any establishments, business organizations can agree that a pile of papers can consume a lot of space in their office or any type of room they have. Especially when these papers are piled up in the long period of time. Shredding these papers can truly free up a lot of space when happen.  

These are just some of the many important things why paper shredding is so important. It not only saves you from any harm but more than that it protects you.

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